Artist’s Statement


I believe that all physical output is personal and significant.  Regardless of what activity I am engaged in,  My energy is imbedded in all I do.  Often, at the end of the day, I reflect and think. “What did I do today that matters? ”  My hope is that my art work will capture a moment in time and represent my emotional point of view, when words may escape me.

I look for objects or medium that  I can use to tell my story or enhance a memory.  Within that framework, I modify the objects to create a mixed metaphor. I work through my point of view, but I leave the object open for multiple interpretations.

My pieces are made from painted and molded fabric, found objects, amd screen printing.  I take  influences from where I have lived, and I put them into my art.  The industrial elements of Detroit, the colors of the Caribbean, farm life from the South, the grit of New York, are all combined in my work.

Life is a series of impressions and experiences that make memories.  My personal memories are part of a larger collective memory. I hope my work brings dignity and significance to those experiences.